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Alumni Network of Technische Hochschule Lübeck

We all need our personal network, for reasons as varied as the people with whom we are connected: Students need access to alumni, because university graduates often occupy important positions in society and in companies. The latter, with their knowledge and contacts, can ease the transition into a career, arrange internships and dissertations or become active as mentors. Through the alumni network, alumni can cultivate their personal connections to the university and to fellow students, exchange expertise, participate directly in scientific research and take advantage of further training opportunities. The university benefits from its alumni in the form of important feedback. Working graduates can provide practical suggestions. The university is no longer just a teaching institution, but also a learning institution. The transfer of research and knowledge is of particular importance for clients who have emerged from our own ranks.

Alumni Management

Jochen Herzog
Technische Hochschule Lübeck
Abt. IV - Communication
Telefon: +49 451 300 - 5766
Building 36 I Room 1.16

Alumni Network TH Lübeck