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PhD student (f/m/diverse) Positions in Accelerator R&D

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For our location in Hamburg we are seeking:

PhD student (f/m/diverse) Positions in Accelerator R&D


DESY is one of the world’s leading research centres for photon science, particle and astroparticle physics as well as accelerator physics. More than 2400 employees work at our two locations Hamburg and Zeuthen in science, technology and administration.

Accelerator Research and Development (ARD) is a core mission of the lab. By further developing and inventing technologies for improving existing accelerator facilities and for constructing new ones, the ARD group gathers indeed accelerator building expertise to stay at the leading edge of accelerator science.

The position

Doctoral students are invited to take an active role in one of the following research topics at DESYs Accelerator R&D:

  • Improvements of existing accelerator flagship facilities, e.g. upgrades to DESYs synchrotron radiation facilities, seeding of free-electron lasers, atto- and femto-second electron and photon beams
  • Super-conducting RF technology for future accelerators and its implementation in FLASH, the European XFEL and other modern high power accelerators
  • Compact accelerator technology with high accelerating fields, e.g. plasma accelerators, dielectric structures, beam or laser drivers for accelerators, cost-efficient technologies
  • New accelerator facilities for R&D, photon science and particle physics, e.g. future free-electron lasers (XFEL upgrades, PETRA IV), the SINBAD facility at DESY, future colliders (e.g. FCC at CERN)

    DESY-Doctoral programme is awarded for a duration of at least 3 years.

    Do not hesitate to contact us at DESY Accelerator R&D to get additional information on the current research activities. Further information is available here:

    Please arrange for two letters of reference.

    Salary and benefits are commensurate with those of public service organisations in Germany. Classification is based upon qualifications and assigned duties. Handicapped persons will be given preference to other equally qualified applicants. DESY operates flexible work schemes. DESY is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and encourages applications from women. Vacant positions at DESY are in general open to part-time-work. During each application procedure DESY will assess whether the post can be filled with part-time employees.

    We are looking forward to your application via our application system:

    Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESYHuman Resources Department | Code: MDO001/2019

    Notkestraße 85 | 22607 Hamburg | 22607 Hamburg Germany

    Phone: +49 40 8998-3392

    Deadline for applications: Until the positions are filled.



    • Doctoral students in the fields of physics or engineering may stay enrolled in their home university or enroll at the University of Hamburg or the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (acceptance criteria must be met)

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