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Personal Coaching Academy

  • Online seit 25.05.2021
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I am looking for someone to start this project with me 

I can offer my knowledge and my coaching power but I do not have financial resources

Since years I have been doing this kind of coaching for both kids and adults but lately I have noticed a huge need for executives

 Business English can be learned but leaders in all facets of the workforce ranging from senior executives , high potential leaders in business to professional athletes often have blind spots that they are unaware of, which can harm their leadership effectiveness so  executive coaching in needed

I have provided a highly customized and direct solution with success  for leaders to have a partner who is there to challenge them when necessary so they can grow and become even more effective 

Until now I have stepped into that filed as freelancer but now the need is becoming higher and higher so I am wondering if anyone would like to jump in to start a new project

The new Academy will target Executives, Recruiters, Headhunters, etc by  deepening  their self-awareness ,ability to help identify and refine core challenges needed to be worked through.

My philosophy is  based on providing support and challenge for thoughts to bring to action.

If you are interested in such project you are welcome to contact me.





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